Working capital infrastructure for Industry 4.0

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What's the Klear Difference?

Klear allows fast moving businesses to easily capture and integrate key data you already have in a smart, collaborative user-friendly platform and instantly use it to run your business better. The visibility, transparency and insight this provides allows us to unlock solutions other providers can't and provide a purpose-built suite of financial tools that work with the way you work. Companies of any size can see, optimize, execute, track and get paid for their business activities faster and more easily with Klear and turn that into even more opportunity through the Klear Network.

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Tired of painful financial trade-offs? Add a third arrow to your capital quiver in addition to selling equity or taking on debt to fund your growth needs. Klear lets you unlock the value in your orders and invoices to access meaningful amounts of working capital.

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The right tool for the job, where and when you need it. Klear intelligently brings purpose-built solutions for each transaction into your workflow when you need them, at the click of a button.

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Klear works at the speed of startups so you can be up and running in hours. We're ahead of you scouting solutions for your pipeline so you can respond to opportunities with confidence and clarity.  Grow faster with more options and less friction.

Power Up Your Organization

With Klear, you get business intelligence, access to partners and services, preferred pricing, processes, control and capital solutions usually only available to large enterprises. This frees up your team to focus more energy on selling, delighting customers and innovating to grow.

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See and Unlock

Klear provides a single, coordinated point of view from which your team can see and manage key sales and execution workflows (operational and financial) customer by customer, project by project, across your whole business.
• Digitized for easy integration with existing systems (eg. CRM, accounting software, customer ERPs)
• Notifications keep the right people up to date
Build out your profile in minutes and unlock access to Klear's purpose-built, responsive features and solutions.

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Sales Opportunities

Find match-made sales opportunities with quality buyers in the KLEAR network, show interest and bid with a click.

Working Capital

Access unique, purpose-built financing options that provide liquidity for growth without giving up equity or taking on traditional debt. Prequalify your pipeline so you can pursue bigger deals with confidence. 

Cash Management

Financial services that help you manage cash and transact easily, seamlessly integrated into your workflows. Pay and invoice with a click. Earn yield on deposits.* Onboard, connect your accounts and be up and running in minutes. 


Reduce the risk and complexity of foreign exchange in deals that involve multiple currencies. Experience a better way to manage your currency needs across your business strategically.

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